Thanksgiving Alternatives to Turkey

While roasted turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal in most households, many individuals want to serve something else for this holiday. Here are some of the alternative foods that experts suggest for Thanksgiving Day.

Alternative Meal 1: Pork Roast

Rather than having turkey for Thanksgiving Day, cooks can make a delicious pork roast with the same types of side dishes, including mashed potatoes, candied yams, and green bean casserole. Today, many families serve various types of turkey meat for their daily meals, so having a pork roast on a holiday is a better choice.

Alternative Meal 2: Wild Game

While the earliest settlers in the United States may have had roasted turkey for a special meal, they more likely had wild game instead. Cooks can cook tasty venison or bison for Thanksgiving Day to have an authentic old-fashioned feast. It is essential to understand how to prepare wild game correctly because this type of meat is often lower in fat.

Alternative Meal 3: Baked Chicken

A single person or couple may want to have baked chicken for Thanksgiving Day rather than roasting a large turkey. There is a lot of meat on a turkey, and unless an individual wants to have leftovers for several days, preparing a smaller chicken for this holiday is a better decision.

Alternative Meal 4: Grilled Steak

When a family lives in a warm climate, grilling steaks outside is an excellent idea on Thanksgiving Day. No one living in a hot environment wants to heat the house for several hours while roasting a large turkey, but it is fast and easy to grill steaks outside.

Alternative Meal 5: Roasted Goose

In the past, many families had roasted goose for their holiday meals, so by serving this meat, a cook is preparing a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. To find a goose for roasting, look in specialty butcher shops or larger supermarkets.

Alternative Meal 6: Lobster

When a family lives in a geographic region where there is a lot of seafood, having lobster for Thanksgiving Day is an excellent choice. Learn how to shop for healthy live lobsters along with having a large cooking pot for boiling or steaming this seafood. Coleslaw, roasted corn and baked potatoes are great side dishes with lobster on Thanksgiving Day.

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