Great Holiday Baking Recipes for You and Your Kids

When the holiday season arrives, many people begin to get out their baking pans, ingredients, cookie cutters, and decorations to make delicious treats for family and friends. Here are a few fun and festive treats that bring the holiday season to life.

Old fashioned sugar cookies sprinkled with just a small amount of sugar and red and green candies are a treat to make holiday memories with the family. Cut the cookies in shapes that include bells, trees, snowflakes, and mittens, decorating them with icing so that each cookie is different. Gingerbread cookies are an idea as well. Cut out gingerbread men to decorate as well as other shapes for a treat with a little spice. These are an excellent cookie to leave out for Santa, decorating the gingerbread men to look like each child in the home.

Get creative by making a gingerbread house for Christmas. Use white icing to hold the pieces of the house together, putting more icing on the base of the home to look like snow. Any kind of candy can be used to decorate the house, such as red and green gumdrops or red and green sprinkles.

If you want to make a decadent treat for the holiday season that you can enjoy at home or that you can give as a gift, then consider fudge. Change the recipe by using white chocolate or adding walnuts to the fudge that you make. Chocolate drop cookies are another decadent Christmas treat to make as well. Make small sandwiches using the cookies and a small amount of cream flavored with eggnog. Roll the cookies in red or green sugar crystals to bring the holiday season to your dessert.

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing is a moist dessert to make for Christmas. The red color of the cake blends well with the holiday, and the white icing gives the impression of snow. Add red or green sprinkles along with red candies along the edge of the cake. Another idea is to add a small amount of peppermint extract to the cake batter. After the cake is iced, decorate the top with red icing to look like a candy cane so that it can blend with the flavor of the mint used in the batter.

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