Healthy Food To Cook For The New Year

Eating healthier isn’t always about the specific foods people consume. It can also be about choosing foods that have certain ingredients the human body needs. This is something many people fail to focus on, but which can help them adopt a healthier diet without even realizing it.

One example of this is choosing foods rich in omega 3-s. This should be easy to do for anyone who enjoys seafood. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that can help people lower their blood pressure. Hypertension tends to be lower in people that get omega 3 than those who don’t. It has also been suggested that it improves peoples’ moods. While fishes such as sardines, salmon and even certain types of tuna carry omega 3’s, those who don’t like these foods can also get it in flax and walnuts.

It is no secret that vegetables should be an important part of everyone’s diet. One suggestion made by dietitians is to roast vegetables before eating them. This takes the natural sugars found in vegetables and caramelizes them, giving them a different flavor that is more appealing to many people.

Health professionals are constantly on a quest to get people to consume more fiber. The best source of fiber is from whole grain foods. Polenta, quinoa, and couscous made with whole wheat are full of fiber. These foods have properties that help fight off cancer, certain cardiovascular diseases and even type 2 diabetes.

Healthy food choices are about what people don’t eat as much as it’s about what they do eat. That being said, in the new year, it is best to avoid consuming sugar or even too much meat. A healthy alternative to meat every night is soy. While saturated fat levels in meat are higher, the levels found in soy are much less.


The solution to incorporating more soy into one’s diet is tofu. Many people complain that tofu has no flavor. The best way to get it around this is to prepare it with something like a marinade or stir fry sauce.

Starting off the new year by vowing to commit to healthy cooking is easy to do. While some people think healthy cooking means they won’t enjoy their meals, this doesn’t have to be true.

This blog was originally published on Jason Sheasby’s Patch account.

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